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Bulk Reed Diffuser Reeds 5kg of 2.5mm Reed Diffusers Approx 5000


5kg of 2.5mm Reed Diffusers Approx 5000

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A reed diffuser is an easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment. Ideal for no candle zones like offices and dorm rooms or homes with young children made for Adorable Lifestyle.Many people ask for spare reeds for their diffuses. With a Reed Diffuser, you get no smoke, dripping wax or anxiety of burning candles so reed diffusers are ideal for use around children or animals. Let the aromatic oils be absorbed up through the slender reeds and release aroma naturally.Reed diffusers make a very popular gift and a great alternative to oil burners.For when your reedly need lots of reeds

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 24 cm
Unit dimensions

24×0 (cm)


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