Bathroom Luxury - Loofah Soap Loaf - Lime & Thyme Toughy
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Loofah Soap Loaf Lime & Thyme Toughy Soap Loaves & Slices


Loofah Soap Loaf – Lime & Thyme Toughy

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Made with a blend of key lime and thyme essential oils, this soap gives you a fresh and zesty exfoliating experience.Our loofah soaps are hand made with invigorating fragrances, natural loofah and poppy seeds.Soap loaves are shrink-wrapped with an outer label containing product information which will need to be passed on to your customer. If in doubt about label requirements please consult your local Trading Standards department. PLEASE NOTE: The soap loaves do not fit into our cutters, we advice to use a large non-serrated knife. Our soaps are handmade and colours may vary

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 24 cm
Unit dimensions

24x8x7 (cm)


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