Aromatherapy Gifts - Wheatgerm Oil - 50ml
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Base Oils Amber Bottle Wheatgerm Oil 50ml


Wheatgerm Oil – 50ml

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Botanical Name: Triticum Vulgare.Origin: USAColor and Smell: Its color ranges from clear orange to yellow in color and tastes like wheat, the smell is a little strong, and wheatyTexture: Very Rich (not suitable as a base for massage oils)Shelf Life:  1 yearWheat originated in the ancient Fertile Crescent area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. It has since been grown in many temperate regions and is now one of the main sources of food for both humans and domesticated animals throughout the world.Wheatgerm Oil is a great source of Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant. So not only is it great for your skin but can also act as a natural preservative for your massage oils and blends.In aromatherapy, the oil is very good for many skin issues.

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