Aromatherapy Gifts - Macadamia Oil - 50ml
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Base Oils Amber Bottle Macadamia Oil 50ml


Macadamia Oil – 50ml

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Botanical Name: Macadamia Integrifolia.Origin: AustraliaColor and Smell: Macadamia Oil color is Clear with a slight yellow hue. The oil is more aromatic than other nut oils and is very sweetTexture: Because it is a thicker oil, it will leave an oily film on the skinThe Macadamia nut was first discovered (by Europeans) after the settlement of Australia although they had been eaten and processed by the indigenous Australians for many years.In cosmetics, the oil is generally used in thicker creams due to the oils heavier and more luxurious feel.Macadamia also has some use in blocking the harmful rays of the sun so is often used in sun lotions. Probably most notably, the oil closely resembles sebum, which is naturally produced by the skin to protect itself.Our  Macadamia Base Oil is sourced from Australia and made with cold pressed extraction method. 

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