Aromatherapy Gifts - Jojoba Oil - 50ml
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Base Oils Amber Bottle Jojoba Oil 50ml


Jojoba Oil – 50ml

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Botanical Name: Simmondsia ChinensisOther Names: Buxus Chinensis, Deernut, Goatnut, Huile de Jojoba, Pignut, Simmondsia Californica.Origin: The Jojoba Plant grows in the deserts of North and Central America Color and Smell: Jojoba oil has a golden color and a slightly earthy smell. Texture: Jojoba Oil is a light oil with the thick texture like a waxShelf Life: 1 yearJojoba Oil has many positive effects. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is said to work well for arthritis. It’s also great for the skin, having a positive effect on eczema, dry skin, sunburn, psoriasis and chapped skin.A jojoba oil moisturizes our skin and hair when our body stops doing it naturally. It is perfect for removing the dirt, makeup and bacteria from your face as you use it. Jojoba oil prevents razor burns, waxy texture eliminates the threat of shaving incidents like cuts and razor burn. 

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