Aromatherapy Gifts - 100ml Essential Oil Mist - Lavender & Fennel
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100ml Essential Oil Mist Lavender & Fennel Home Fragrance


100ml Essential Oil Mist – Lavender & Fennel

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This smooth mixture of the fresh floral scent of Lavender essential oil and sweet Fennel essential oil will add a calming and welcoming note to your home and may help promote a good night’s rest.This natural  room sprays from Adorable Lifestyle designed to enhance any room instantly. Use on linen, in the bedroom or bathroom or as a fragrance around your home. Pure  essential oils infused into this delicate aromatherapy mist, to promote a feeling of serenity whenever it’s needed. Ideal to enhance your mood, promoting a feeling of relaxation and serenity any time of the day or night.To unwind, spray the mist above the head or spritz directly onto bed linen to encourage a better night’s sleep.While added key ingredients as Yorkshire Water, Witch Hazel and essential oils, we have spiritually blessed them with smudge sticks rituals :)At an Essential low price.

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